Membership Application & Participation Form

Being a member of GARC empowers independent restaurant owners to save money. By supporting GARC approved distributors, suppliers and manufacturer partners operators keep quality high and food cost low.
The Power of Many Working as One!

There are three levels of membership available:
- Associate
- Executive
- Prime - Coming Soon
Join thousands of independently owned restaurants already saving. It's fast, easy and free*.

At GARC we understand your business and how to help restaurant owners stay profitable and successful.

* See Associate member level




    To be eligible to receive purchasing rewards you must purchase from our approved network of distributors/suppliers.


  • 1. Primary Distributor

  • 2. Secondary Distributor

  • 3. Third Distributor


    • All members are rewarded in accordance to GARC by-laws. For more information please contact our office at 847-824-6941

    • As an authorized agent, owner or employee of the above business (the "Member") have the authority to enter into a participation agreement witht GARC on its behalf and also authorize GARC to ast as the primary purchasing/rebate allowance agent and hereby terminate any other such affiliations. To the best of my knowledge, all information provided herein is correct. You may request a copy of the by-laws as pertaining to GARC membership.

    • I knowledge that any current program desired by the "Member" to continue throught a direct relationship will be disclosed in the back of this application along wit hall current distributors and suppliers. I understand that we "the Member" will not be allowed to participate in the GARC program relating tot those directprograms. Further, if GARC discovers that a program relationg to those direct programs was not disclosed in this application, we agree and authorize GARC that we wisht to remain on the GARC program. Once notified, of said direct agreemen, the "Member" will either obain written permission from the said manufacturer or cancel within 5 business days and agree to repay any monies related to the undisclosed program(s).

    • To receive negotiated pricing and/or rebate rewards members must purchase from our approved manufacturer, distributor and suppliers.

    • By submitting this application you authorize GARC to make inquiries on your purchasing history and share the information with our partners.

    • Please make check payable to GARC.