By now you’ve seen them. They’re infiltrating your news feed with promises of a quick, easy dinner — or at least cheese-stuffed pizza pretzels. Time-lapse food videos, or “thumb-stoppers”, as The Wall Street Journal calls them, are taking over social media with the goal of compelling users to stop scrolling mid-feed. And it’s working. These [ read more ]

We’ve probably photographed close to every type of food there is. We’ve had a lot of fun, survived a few small disasters, (hello, kitchen fire!) and captured some pretty nice shots along the way. Here are some of our favorite tips for those of us who take pictures first and eat second. Follow along as [ read more ]

You may have seen the signs on tip jars: “Tipping,” they say, “is not a city in China.” It’s not even a policy in China. Or in much of Europe. Nor in Latin America, according to Marco Franca, executive director of Posto 9, a Brazilian gastropub slated to open in Florida in December. Franca’s background is [ read more ]

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